A 4-H Beginning

     4-H is a great start to any story and I always love to hear them from others. I know for certain we are not the only ones out there that started with kiddos showing dairy goats to, well, head over heals in love with our Nigerian Dwarf goats.

   These little goats were small, compact and easy to handle for our little ones just starting to show and their personalities were so delightful that it was a perfect marriage right away. However, we were not prepared for what we were going to do with all of the wonderful, sweet milk that would be produced as we grew our herd.  The milk was so perfect and it is the milk with the highest butterfat of all dairy goats! Wow!

   The kids love to drink the milk and we make wonderful cheeses that are quickly devoured by my Madd House of four teenagers! For several years, a friend had been making goats milk soap and I quickly fell in love with it. I had always been a "shower gel" girl until I used my first bar and then I could not get enough of it! My skin was soft, smooth and I found I no longer needed to use lotion after showering/bathing. Wow!

   My research and efforts were then poured into creating our own soap, with our own milk and using only the best ingredients to go along with it. Being a big fan of essential oils, and their benefits, I knew that I only wanted to use those in my soaps. No fragrance oils or anything artificial - especially since I have family members with sensitive skin, eczema who just can't tolerate it! Wow!

  With all the craziness that goes on here at Madd House, I'm super thankful for my husband, John, who is so gracious to have taken on the role as my "finance guy" - I'm really just happy to be creating and getting to know my great customers, many whom I now call friends, but.....someone should be responsible for keeping those finances in order. I should also add that he is my "top sells person" so far for 2019!  He's proud of our products and shares with everyone! 

  In addition, my teenagers, that started it all: Julia, John, Joseph & Justin - they really are the best "Assoapiates" (yes, I'm pretty sure, my son coined that word!) to have around. They are always there to test the soaps, package, clean and hang out with me at various markets & events AND they only pay they ever want is to just hang out with their momma and be fed!  

  And our suppliers, who really do make it all possible: Snow, Honey, Taylor, Elsa, Cookie, Coconut, Creme & Gigi and our unsung heroes, "the boys," Tuck, Bare and Rocky.  These boys know how to charm our ladies and are always looking for love!

   Thanks for taking the time to get to know a little about us and we hope you'll give us a try!  Please take a look at our staff page for pictures of our team!!








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