We believe that your skin should be treated with lots of love! All of our goat milk soaps, lotions and lip balms are handcrafted with extra nourishing ingredients that will make your skin not just healthy, but love you......

     Any of our products with goat milk are super special because unprocessed goat milk, fresh from the farm, contains many useful ingredients.

Vitamins:  There are many vitamin present in the milk, but Vitamin A is an important one because of its ability to help repair damaged skin and keep it healthy.

Cream:  The cream present in the goat milk contributes to the moisturizing benefits of goat milk soap.  Those that suffer with dry skin condition will find great relief from using our soap.  You will find that goat milk so will not dry out your skin!

Alpha Hydroxy Acids: Lactic acid helps remove dead skin cell from the surface of your skin and this allows new cells on your skin to become smoother and younger looking.  Removing dead skin cells can help skin conditions by removing irritants.  

Minerals: Selenium, one of the many minerals in goat milk soap, may help prevent damage to the skin from excessive time in the sun.

   Using goat milk soap can benefit your  skins health and help those with dry, sensitive skin or conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.  Also, diabetes can cause skin conditions as well, and we have found that many diabetics have found great relief using our soaps and lotions.  Its been a great  help with their dry, thinning skin.  For those with healthy skin, goat milk soaps will keep it that way and just feels good!  Making the switch to a goat milk based soap, instead of the standard water based soap, is a decision you will never regret!

     In addition to our farm fresh goat milk, which is never diluted with water, we use rich oils such as coconut, olive and shea butter to feed your skin and we only use pure therapeutic grade essential oils for scent and additional  benefits. We never use fragrance oil, animal tallow or Palm oil in our products.  Our bars give you a very natural, clean, moisturizing bar of soap.  The way it should be.

   So, trust us, your skin will not only thank you, but love you.


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