Welcome and Kidding In the Chaos

Today as I sit and write my first blog post for Madd House Hill, a couple thoughts cross my mind. First, I never thought I’d be sitting and writing a blog post! I’ve always wondered to myself, “What do I have to say that will interest people?” My life stays pretty much the same most days, especially now that my kiddos are older. As much as my days are the same right now, they are also very different. Different because we are under a stay at home order, something else I never thought I’d be doing! However, because of this stay home order – I’ve had the time to think about the idea of blogging and sharing more of our small farm business with you all. Funny huh? Funny how things have changed so much in the last few weeks!

You know what hasn’t changed? Our Nigerians Dwarf goats and their needs! Pandemic or not, they are still hungry every morning and evening, need to be milked, and kids need to be weighed. While their needs haven’t changed, my routine for their care has changed a little: I now call my order in to the feed store, wear my mask when I arrive, and when we have families who are considering purchasing goats come and visit, we ask visitors not to touch the goats.

We’ve recently completed our first round of kidding. Five sweet mommas had a total of thirteen kids!! Nine does and four bucks. I should rephrase that and say nine adorable does and four precious little bucks. Can you tell how much I love kidding season, even though it’s exhausting? Its not uncommon to find me in the goat barn cuddling little kids and rocking them. Yep, I’ve caught myself more than once, rocking those kids like I use to do to my babies. I even suggested to John (my husband) that we should offer goat therapy during this crazy time and let people come snuggle kids. Of course, he reminded me, no touching.

There have been a couple of firsts for us this year: two sets of quads and a goat kidding that had John donning a pair of surgical gloves. It was a nerve-wracking delivery for me and the goat momma, but all turned out well and she has been a beauty to milk! Maybe sometime in the future I will dedicate a blog post to sharing that delivery story.

Speaking of milk!! We currently have five in milk and with our new milking machine it has made things SO much easier. Days of hand-milking for my kids are in the past and I’ve taken over that part with the help of John. I joke that it’s our new date time together since we can’t go anywhere else!

As we look forward to the end of April to come and the real Spring to begin, we are also looking forward to our next batch of kidding which starts this week. We will have another five mommas kidding over the next month! Between five new milkers and making a lot of products for our upcoming markets this season, we are going to stay busy! Our soap room is getting quite packed, cheesemaking has begun (we are hoping to offer that in our farm store this year), and we are preparing for a college graduation and a high school graduation. There will be no ceremonies but will find a way to celebrate accomplishments! We are in the process of developing a lot of new things for the business, that I hope to share with you all soon. You can stay up to date by making sure you are subscribed to our (new this year!) newsletter!

Be healthy and safe!

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