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This is one special bar of soap and there's a reason it's a top seller!  Charcoal and Tea Tree is a great combination for use as a facial bar and of course an all over bar. The charcoal pulls impurities out of your pores and the Tea Tree is a great antibacterial oil.  Try it and find out for yourself!  It's the only soap our family uses on our sweet faces.


-A clean and calming aroma that cleans and purifies

-Goat milk soothes the skin the natural way it's been waiting for

-Enriched with essential oils that are pleasing to the senses

Your Charcoal Tea Tree bar Contains:

Saponified Oils: olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, rice bran oil and castor oil, raw goat milk. Activated charcoal.

Essential Oils:  Tea Tree and Lavender

Final Product Weight:Approximately 4.5oz+

Minimum Cure Time: 6 weeks

Charcoal Tea Tree

SKU: 810007652955
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