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Want to treat your skin to something that's rich, thick, and perfect when you need to moisturize the natural way? We've made it happen with a little help from our happy herd of goats. The result is our goat milk lotion, and all you have to do to enjoy is decide which scent you want to treat yourself to first...


-Your skin deserves to smile, so why don't you let us make it happen

-Balanced mix of essential oils and raw goat milk works wonders for dry, itchy skin

-Allow your senses to relax as you get away from stress the natural way



Your Goat Milk Lotion Contains:

Purified water, goat milk, emulsifying wax, stearic acid, optiphen, almond oil, apricot oil, shea butter and essential oils.


Product Weight: 8 ounces

We suggest using the product within three months of purchase for scent retention. 

Goat Milk Lotion

SKU: 810007653129
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