When it's time to treat the whole family to the natural soothing touch their skin has been waiting for all it takes is a single click.  Open the sack, share the soap, and then let your skin feel the benefits.  If there's a better way to make you smile, we haven't found it yet.  


- Mixed bag of four soaps for a great discount  

- These are perfectly "imperfect" bars that are perfect for those that don't care what they look or smell like, but just want great soap

-Your bag will have at least one pound of soap   


Your Goat Milk Soap Contains:

Saponified oils of olive oil, coconut, shea butter, rice bran oil, castor oll, goat milk and essential oils. Essential oils vary. 

Soap Sack

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  • We believe happy goats produce the best milk and we take great pride in our day-to-day care of our Nigerian Dwarf herd. Goat milk produces a mild, gentle bar of soap that is rich in proteins, minerals and not only moisturizes your skin, but softens it as well. Some of our fans who have skin sensitivities such as psoriasis, eczema or dry itchy skin have been amazed that they find great relief with our soap and are finding additional benefits as well such as soft, moisturized skin.

    ~ Cold Process Method
    ~ All-natural, Animal tallow free, Palm Oil Free
    ~100% Goats Milk
    ~100% Essential Oils
    ~ No artificial colorants
    ~ Natural clays used for added beauty & texture

    We suggest a soap dish that allows air flow to dry your bars between use;  this will make your bars last longer! Discontinue use if any sign of irritation occurs.

    Handmade soap bars may differ slightly from picture in color, scent, and size.



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