Frequently asked questions

Do you really have goats and milk them?

Yes! We are a small family farm, and raise Nigerian Dwarf goats. We take great pride in our herd, and as of 2021, we are officially recognized as a Quality Dairy Producer! We use only OUR farm fresh milk in all of our goat milk products.

Do you have goats for sale?

Our goat mamas begin to kid (give birth) each year in March, and we generally have 20 - 30 goat kids born a year. We reserve the right to retain first choice of these babies for our own herd. The remaining goats are available for sale as future milkers or family pets! If you are interested in our goats, we highly recommend being added to our waiting list. As we cannot predict the number of bucks/does we may have born or available for sale, the waiting list is your best chance at getting an early pick on our available babies. The majority of our available goats are placed this way. You can email us for more information on available goats, or to be placed on our waiting list.

How do I make my soap bar last longer?

It’s very important to keep your bar “high and dry”, meaning your bar needs to dry between uses. No one likes a mushy bar! We recommend using a Soap Lift, Soap Saver, or your favorite soap tray. Another way to ensure your bar dries between uses is to have more than one bar in use at a time. This ensures each bar has plenty of drying time between uses, and as a bonus, you get the opportunity to decide what scent you feel like for that day!

Will my soap bar go bad?

No! Another reason why we love soap - like all the best things in life (cheese!) it only gets better with time.

We highly suggest storing your unused soap somewhere that you want to smell good, for example, your closet or drawer. This will make everything around it smell great, and will allow your soap bar to continue to harden while it waits to be used.

When you are ready to use the soap, remove and save the wrapper! Often, customers forget what scent they purchased previously and loved. The wrapper can serve as a helpful reminder AND will still be fragrant, so you can place it in a drawer or anywhere else you need some additional aromatherapy.

Do you use fragrance oils?

Us? Never! Fragrance oils are man made, synthetic scents that we do not use in any of our products. While much less expensive to use, fragrance oils do not reflect our all natural philosophy. We use only therapeutic grade essential oils, i.e, oils taken directly from the plant. Only essential oils offer the aromatherapy benefits that many use for health and wellbeing.

How big are the soap bars?

Our soap bars weigh in at a minimum of 4.5oz, but most bars are closer to 5 ounces. Soap bars that do not meet our minimum weight requirement are sold by the pound in our Soap Sack at a discount.

How can we find you?

Easy peasy! If you’d like to visit us in person, you can find us at many farmers markets around the Kansas City area. You can visit our ‘Events’ page for an updated calendar that includes detailed information on when we will be out and about and an easy link to the address! We also offer “Open Farm” days when you can come visit us, the herd, and enjoy life outside the city. The best way to receive information regarding Open Farm is to subscribe to our email list, The Herd, and follow us on social media.

Speaking of social media… you can also find us on Facebook and Instagram! If you like your social media feed to be filled with pictures of farm life, baby goats in pajamas, or luxurious soaps, we are worth a like or follow :-)