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Our Story

Cynthia Maddock started Madd House Hill to provide natural, healing goat milk products for her family

How It All Began

Madd House Hill started as a simple, personal quest to resolve one family’s skincare concerns. When members of her family experienced persistent eczema, irritation, and painful dry and cracked skin that no dermatologist or prescription cream could help, Cynthia Maddock knew it was time for a change. Armed with her family’s experiences and a deep sense that there had to be a better way, Cynthia set out to learn more. After time spent delving into the science behind our skin health, and the harsh and damaging ingredients that commercial products contain, Cynthia was convinced it was time to create her own solution. In the process, she turned to an unlikely ally – the family’s pet herd of dairy goats.

A Simple Quest

Originally purchased as a 4-H product for her four children, the family’s herd of Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats had been beloved pets and a lively part of their small farm for several years. But as her journey to heal her husband and children’s painful skin issues continued, Cynthia realized that her well-loved goats could be a critical part of her mission. Through her research, she had learned that goat milk contains essential vitamins, minerals, moisturizers, and exfoliators that the skin needs to thrive. Even better, her specific breed of dairy goat produced milk with a higher concentration of butterfat than any other goats – five to ten percent more. Could this be the miracle ingredient she needed?

The pieces felt like they were falling into place. And so, with an unshakeable belief that skincare products should be natural, pure, and made from simple, REAL ingredients, Cynthia handcrafted her first batch of goat milk soap. It wasn’t fancy, quite the opposite actually – her core ingredients were simply goat milk, rich and nourishing high-quality oils like olive and coconut, and a little essential oil for a pleasant scent – but it delivered what Cynthia had hoped for. Almost like magic, the previously incurable skincare issues began to resolve within days of the family using them. Word spread to friends and family, soap was shared, and Madd House Hill was born.

Our Vision Today     

Truthfully, Cynthia didn’t set out to change lives or start a business – she simply wanted a better way for her family. But after seeing the amazing results loved ones continued to experience after using her handmade products, she knew she couldn’t keep the secret to herself. Piece by piece, she built a brand devoted to providing the very best in skincare, bath, and body products, while remaining committed to her guiding principles of natural, wholesome products.


And while the products are no longer made in the family kitchen, intended for Cynthia’s family, the love and care behind each product is still there. All of Madd House Hill’s products are still handcrafted using only pure, undiluted goat milk. Blended with it are nourishing, rich, and sustainable oils, and therapeutic-grade essential oils – the same wholesome, core ingredients that Cynthia first worked with years ago. Chemical fragrances, harsh and toxic ingredients, and unpronounceable compounds are never part of the equation.

Because of these unwavering values, Madd House Hill has been able to make an impact on countless customers’ lives…we have the testimonials to prove it! Our customers have shared stories about ending lifelong battles with eczema, to finally healing painful and itchy skin once and for all. It’s those stories that remind us of how we got here in the first place, and that Cynthia’s original vision to help her family is spreading to our customers’ families, too. But the work isn’t over yet! We won’t stop until we achieve our mission to share the love of natural goat milk products with everyone. Because the feeling of watching your skincare issues fade away, and the confidence that comes from loving your skin? We already know that it’s priceless.

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Madd House Hill goat milk soap natural loofah natural loofah soap

Our Brand Promise


Made with love, our products are handcrafted with you in mind. Once you’re here, you’re family. We make that clear through both the quality of our products and the level of care we give each customer and order, no matter how big or small.


You should know what you’re putting on your skin. We will never use chemical compounds or fragrances that hide unknown and toxic ingredients. Everything in our products is stated clearly and simply on the label. Have a question? Ask away! We're an open book.


Our products are all-natural, guaranteed. We use only pure, undiluted goat milk, and whole, nourishing oils. Our essential oils are internationally certified and rigorously tested for purity. When it comes to quality, we set our bar high and don’t compromise. Your skin will feel the difference.


We source with integrity, and we care about where our ingredients come from. Our goats are loved and cared for like family pets. Our oils are sustainable – we will never use those linked to deforestation or human rights violations – and our essential oils are certified fair trade and cruelty-free.

Want More?

There is so much more to love about our brand and products. Visit the below links to learn more and join us on our adventure.

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