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Once Upon a Time.

Our family business begins, well, with our family! Over ten years ago, our "human" kids, involved in 4-H, were begging for the opportunity to do a livestock project. The kids were small, space was limited, and we were not prepared to jump head first into a dairy cow or a beef cattle project – but goats? We can do that. Goats are cute too!  After a little (months) research, we chose Nigerian Dwarf goats.

Small, compact, and easy for the kids to handle, it was a perfect marriage right away. We quickly fell head over heels in love with our little goats, and their personalities made chore time a highlight of the day. 


Goat Milk?

As our herd grew, we found ourselves overwhelmed with the sweet milk our girls produced. Our Nigerian Dwarves, though small, are mighty and their milk contains the highest butterfat content of any other breed. This made it prime material for drinking, cheesemaking, and soap making. GO US


So began my creative outlet to experiment with the milk and see what I could produce. The cheeses were quickly devoured by my four kids, now teenagers. It wasn’t long before my curiosity led me from producing cheeses and food products to creating my own soaps, and I quickly fell in love! I had always been a “shower gel” person until I used my first bar of homemade soap – and I couldn’t get enough of it! My skin was soft, smooth, and I found myself no longer reaching for the lotion after a hot shower or bath.

For the Love of Soap.       

We had to share.  Our skin had never felt better!  Yep, our farm produced milk and the finest, all natural ingredients were a winning combination.  Being a fan of essential oils and familiar with their benefits, I knew I wanted to use only these natural oils to add fragrance to my soap. The aromatherapy was an added benefit and because I have family members with sensitive skin and eczema, I wanted the soap to be free of anything artificial, so it was gentle on even the most sensitive skin. 


Sharing is Caring.

We started at a handful of farmer’s markets and as we said “If you make it, they will come.”  They came. We started hearing story after story about how the soap was helping with dry skin, eczema and other skin issues. We heard how soft their skin had become! I love it! It’s amazing!  We were delighted and the goats smiled.   


A family that milks together…

My husband, John, also known as, "farmer guy" works around his day job and  you can find him at farmers markets making friends.  Our human kids (now adults) are valued “AsSOAPiates” who help with goat care and maintenance, production, and social media.


I am so happy to be creating products that I love, and best of all, I am so happy to be meeting and serving YOU, our customers – many of whom we know also as friends.  Our products are truly something I believe in and I know that you will, too.

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