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All Your Soap Questions, Answered

We get it – ‘goat milk soap’ can sound odd if you haven’t been exposed to it before. Frequently at a farmer’s market or shopping event, we will encounter a customer who hasn’t heard of our product before, and the interaction usually goes something like this:

1. Customer approaches the table, reading the signage.

2. They do the slowwww walk past the table, scanning the products.

3. Facial expressions are everything. Usually they seem interested, but a little confused.

4. They hesitantly pick up a product, sometimes smell it, and then questioningly say “goat milk soap?” in case they read the sign wrong.

Okay, so maybe that was a little bit exaggerated for comedic effect, but we LOVE introducing new customers to our products! Our products have turned even the most skeptical of critics into goat milk soap fanatics – something we are confident isn’t going to change. But, if you are new to goat milk soap or Madd House Hill, we know you have lots of questions! So, without further ado, here are our most frequent soap questions, asked and answered.

Why Goat Milk?

How much time do you have? Well, here’s the short answer: goat milk soap is supremely moisturizing due to its high butterfat content, balanced pH, and abundance of vitamins and minerals. The balanced pH is nearly identical to the pH of human skin, meaning it won’t dry you out or cause excessive oil. Plus, the vitamins and minerals have a variety of health benefits for all skin types. Need to know more? Read our in-depth blog post on the topic here.

Does This Soap Contain Lye?

Yes and no. Yes, we use lye in the production of our soap. ALL soapmaking involves the use of lye, since this is what makes soap, soap! Without the use of lye, the resulting product is a detergent, not a soap. However, while lye is used in the production of the soap, our finished bars contain NO lye. This is due to saponification, the chemical reaction that makes soap. Saponification is when the lye and oil molecules combine, resulting in soap and glycerin. This process uses up all the lye as the bar cures, so when the bar is complete and ready for sale, no lye remains! This is why our product labels do not include lye in the ingredients.

What Makes Madd House Hill Soap Different from ‘XYZ National Brand’ Soap?

We could go on for days about this one! But the short answer is our soaps are made with 100% goat milk (nothing watered down here – or worse, a water base altogether) and

therapeutic grade essential oils. The entire production process, from lovingly raising and milking the goats to packaging the bars of soap, is done right here on our farm. This enables us to produce a bar of soap that is far superior to its commercially produced counterparts. Additionally, commercially available products frequently remove the glycerin from the final product in order to add it to lotion, leaving your skin feeling dry and itchy. We would do no such thing! We guarantee that you will see (and feel!) the difference in your skin when you give Madd House Hill soaps a try.

I’ve Tried Other Goat Milk Soaps and Didn’t See a Difference.

Read the ingredient list, starting with the base. See “goat milk base” or similar phrasing? This could mean the goat milk is diluted with water or another ingredient to cut costs. This results in a bar which might be cheaper but does not contain enough milk to see any tangible benefits. Additionally, the butterfat content of the milk used can play an important role in the quality of the soap. This is why we raise and milk Nigerian Dwarf goats, the dairy breed which produces milk with the highest butterfat content. You can learn more about our special little goats in this post. Cheap oils, such as palm oil, and fragrance oils can also impact the quality of the soap.

Why Does My Soap Get Mushy or “Melt” in the Shower?

Oh no! Bar soap typically becomes mushy when it isn’t able to dry out between uses. Most commonly, we see this happen when bars are left sitting on a shelf in the shower or receive constant love and attention on the bathroom counter, leaving a pool of water and nowhere for the bar to dry. Bar soap does require slightly more TLC than bottled/liquid soaps in order for the bar to maintain its integrity. Never fear, there are easy solutions! Soap trays, lifts, and soap savers are all great options to extend the life of your bar and help it dry. You can find all of these options and pick one that best suits your needs here.

Will My Soap Go Bad?

Not a chance! Like all the best things in life, it will only get better with time. Your soap will be perfectly fine while it waits for it’s time to shine – in fact, it will continue to cure, meaning the bar will be harder and last a little longer when put into use! In the meantime, we highly suggest storing your unused soap anywhere that you want to smell good, like a closet or drawer. When you are ready to use the soap, you can continue to use the wrapper for this same purpose – place your removed wrapper in drawers, shoes, or closets for an extra boost of aromatherapy. As a bonus, it will serve as a helpful reminder for your favorite scents!

Help! My Dog Ate My Soap. Are There Any Toxic Ingredients?

Nope! While we can’t say we recommend it, our soaps are safe to consume and won’t cause any long-term damage (unless there is a specific allergy to one of our ingredients). Our family dogs have been known to “sample” soaps and lip balms without any ill effects. We have even had a toddler take a quick bite at the farmer’s market, thinking the soap was a sweet treat. Ha! Rest assured we use only the highest quality ingredients, with no artificial colors or fragrances, that are safe for the whole family and furry friends!

We hope this answers some of the soap questions you were dying to ask! If not, don't worry, part two is on the way. As usual, we would love your feedback! Drop us a line on our social media channels, or below in the comments, and let us know what you think. Or, if you have a soap question you want answered, share it with us and we will consider answering in a future post!

Until Next Time,

Madd House Hill

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