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Why Our Cash Smells So Good…And Your Skin Feels So Great!

If you have followed our business for a while, you may have heard this story before - but it’s worth repeating for our newer audience members. A few years ago, I was making a routine deposit at the bank after a weekend farmer’s market. As the teller took my envelope through the drive-thru, she suddenly stopped and said to me “Your cash always smells SO good!”, I laughed and explained the soap business, and how nearly everything that is in some proximity to our products picks up the scent. We often are told at markets or other events that shoppers downwind could smell our table on the other side of the market. Being the “best smelling” table or woman is always an award I am excited to win!

So, what makes our products smell so good? It all starts with therapeutic grade essential oils. Even from the early stages of soap making, I knew I wanted to create a product that was all-natural and contained a minimal amount of man-made ingredients. My goal was soap for everyone, even those with sensitive skin or other concerns! With this in mind, it was an easy choice to select essential oils, and essential oils only, to scent our soaps. Because we use only essential oils, you won’t find scents like “pumpkin spice” or “fresh linen” in our lineup. This is because essential oils are derived only from naturally occurring fragrances from herbs, flowers, and plants. These oils are usually extracted through steam distillation, and then that steam is condensed back into liquid. If you’re thinking that sounds like a complicated or time-consuming process, you’re correct. That is why essential oils are more expensive than fragrance oils, which are often used to scent commercially available soaps and lotions. However, we believe the slight additional cost is well worth the many benefits essential oils can provide!

If you haven’t used essential oils for aromatherapy, chances are you have at least heard of the potential benefits they can provide. Essential oils provide natural medicinal benefits and promote relaxation and overall health through their therapeutic aromas. Don’t take our word for it – just a quick google search will unveil numerous studies and suggestions for how essential oils can promote better health! Some of our favorites are lavender for relaxation or peppermint for sore muscles, but there is truly an oil for everyone. Even if you are skeptical of the health benefits, there is no denying the light, clean scent that essential oils provide. In contrast to fragrance oils, which are chemically based, there is no comparison! Fragrance oils can contain anywhere from a handful to 400+ ingredients just to create one blend. That’s four hundred potential chemicals going on your skin, and a key reason why many people with sensitive skin can’t use commercially made soaps.

Creating products that maintain our high standards requires only the best ingredients, which is why we will always use on 100% therapeutic grade essential oils! In addition, we add these oils to the soap only after significant cooling has occurred, to ensure the integrity of the oils remains. The essential oils provide a variety of benefits over synthetic fragrance oils, including therapeutic benefits! We think you’ll agree that the health of your skin isn’t worth sacrificing to smell like pumpkin spice when September rolls around 😊

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