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Pop back into life and get the most out of every moment with a helping hand from our peppermint infused goat milk soap and you'll find youve never felt better.  It lifts your mood, soothes your senses, and balances your skin the way only a natural product can.   Migraines, muscles aches...we just ask that you use caution in the more sensitive areas!  


-Moisturizes your skin in a truly natural way 

-Made from raw goat milk for a pure handmade soap

-Change the way you think about skin care by going back to basics

Your Goat Milk Soap Contains:

Ingredients: raw goat milk
Saponified Oils: Olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, rice bran oil and castor oil.
Essential Oils: peppermint 
Botanicals: natural clays
Final Product Weight: Approximately 4.5+oz
Minimum Cure Time: 6 weeks


SKU: 810007653075
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