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Madd House Hill's Holiday Gift Guide

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and December is finally here. Whew…where has the year gone? It feels like just yesterday we were ringing in 2020, much less 2021! This year has flown by, and we are once again in the midst of frenzied holiday shopping – shipping orders to beat the holiday rush and attending the final holiday markets of the year. We are often asked at events what the best gift items are, or what scent should be selected for a certain someone. So today, we are excited to present our first-ever holiday gift guide, to help make your shopping quick, easy, and stress free.

Let’s dive right in, and get some names crossed off your list!

For the Goat Milk Soap Newbie

Are you shopping for someone that you just know would love our products, but you’re not sure where to start?! We hear you. With so many scents and products to choose from, choosing just a few items to start with can be a daunting task. Look no further than our new Essentials gift set. This bundle features a bar of our premium goat milk soap, a lotion stick, and a soap lift. Beginners are often unsure how to properly care for their bar, so the soap lift ensures their brand-new soap will dry between uses and provide much more enjoyment over its lifetime! In addition, the lotion stick will provide lasting moisture at home, work, or on the go. Not sure which scents to select? We have a variety to choose from, but lavender mint and lemongrass are popular favorites which are appealing to most.

For the Goat Milk Soap Fanatic

On the opposite end of the spectrum, do you need a gift for someone who is already a huge soap fan? At this point, there probably isn’t a new product to surprise them with, because they’ve tried it all! So, give them more of what they already love! The Soap Duo bundle features two bars of soap, and our famous lip therapy. There are four scent combinations to choose from, with each pairing designed to compliment each other. Choose from lavender and lavender mint, patchouli and lavender patchouli, tea tree lime and eucalyptus mint tea tree, or chai tea and cloves and orange, all paired a vanilla lip balm. Overwhelmed by the selection? You can rarely go wrong with lavender and lavender mint, but men tend to like the spicier scents of cloves and orange and chai tea.

For Neighbors, Teachers, and Friends

Are you looking for a smaller gift item, something to say “thank you for being there” during this crazy year? If you want to express your gratitude and give that special person a chance to relax and unwind, we highly recommend our best-selling Winter Wonders bundle. Winter Wonders contains a lavender mint lip balm, our famous Happy Feet lotion stick, and the best part…fuzzy socks! The lavender and peppermint oils in both products help to promote relaxation and calmness, and the fuzzy socks will keep you warm and cozy all winter long. Just apply happy feet, put on your fuzzy socks, and kick back to relax!

Soap For Him

Which bar should you select for the men in your life? This is our most frequently asked gift question! It can be hard to make a guess when “what’s your favorite essential oil” doesn’t come up much in daily conversation. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Does he like scents that are more fragrant or spiced? For “spice,” we recommend going for Cloves and Orange or Chai Tea. On the fragrant side, Lemongrass is always a great, neutral option. Alternatively, consider our pumice bar, Overtime. The added pumice helps to remove built up dirt and grease for the man who enjoys getting his hands dirty!

Soap For Her

To the same point we discussed above, it can be overwhelming to narrow things down to one or two scents for the special ladies in your life! We like to break scents down into their respective “families” to determine what someone might like best. For instance, are floral scents her thing? If so, you might like our Lavender or Garden Time bars. Or, if citrus is more to her taste, opt for Lemon Mint. Peppermint, Eucalyptus Mint Tea Tree, and Patchouli are other popular choices – but if you opt for Patchouli, make sure your planned recipient is indeed a fan. Patchouli tends to elicit strong responses, and we find most either LOVE it or hate it.

For the Outdoor Enthusiast

Campers, hikers, hunters, and everything in between…If you have a loved one or friend that prefers to be outdoors, our Bug Off products are a must have! These two products are wildly popular – in fact, our Bug Off Lotion Stick was our top selling product in 2021. Specially formulated with a blend of nine essential oils that naturally repel pests, our Bug Off Soap and lotion stick are the perfect gift for an outdoor enthusiast (or honestly, anyone who finds themselves targeted by mosquitos). Both products repel pests without a chemical fragrance and moisturize your skin at the same time, no shower afterwards required. Our customers have had success using this to protect against mosquitos, biting flies, ticks, and more. One of our customers has even taken her Bug Off stick to Africa with her, with enormous success!

For Children and Babies

Don’t forget about your little ones! We have several products and scents which are kid approved and well loved. In terms of scent, Lavender or Oatmeal Lavender are light and gentle scents, which tend to appeal to children. While all of our products are scented naturally and without chemicals, if you are worried about an adverse reaction, consider Baby Goat. All of our baby goat products are unscented! For products, check out our Soap Ends or Lip Therapy. Soap Ends are smaller bars, which fit more comfortably in little hands! Our Lip Therapy lip balms are also exceedingly popular with little ones. Kids tend to gravitate towards the tangerine and vanilla scents.

For a Stocking Stuffer

Missing just a little something? Look no further than our special holiday edition Peppermint Lotion Stick! We took our popular peppermint lotion stick and upgraded the packaging to a festive holiday wrap. Don’t wait too long on these guys, they are available in a limited quality and once they are gone, they’re gone!

We hope this will help get your shopping off to a good start…or, if you’re an early shopper, this will help you cross those final few things off your list! While you’re at it, don’t forget to pick up an item or two for yourself. After all that shopping, you deserve it! 😊

Talk soon and enjoy the holidays!

Madd House Hill

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